"How do you inform small children about government failure, loss of homes and lives, and general chaos? Cute animals can help, but only if their stories are real and (harder still) interesting. Two Bobbies hits all the right notes without falling too far into the realm of assumption and speculation. A great tale in general for cat people, dog people, and we-want-our-kids-to-read-great-books people."
~Elizabeth Bird, A Fuse #8 Production

"It's a touching story that will elicit lots of ooohs and aaahs when read out loud"
~Literate Lives 

"I love that at the end, it shows you the picture of the real Bobbi and bob Cat . . [It's] a really heartwarming story of sticking together."
~Kristen Simoes, Co-host, Sacramento & Co., ABC's News10 

"This book tells an amazing story of the power of love. But it's also a story that shows us that when things are bad, horrible even, it's possible to come out the other side okay. Better than okay."
~Lisa Schroeder, Lisa's Little Corner of the Internet 

"This book has to be one of the most heartwarming and charming picture books written about animals."
~Through the Looking Glass 

"So beautifully written and illustrated . . .  this one is a must for home and library shelves."
~A Patchwork of Books 

"The true story of their friendship is a beautiful one . . . reading about Bobbi and Bob Cat will make your whole family feel better about the strength of humans and animals in the face of great challenges."
~Elizabeth Grant-Gibson & Pat Grant, The News Star 

"Teaching children about natural disasters can be frightening for them. But Larson and Nethery have found a way to make a touching story of a devastating event."
~Joanna H. Kraus, Marin Independent Journal 

"The authors lend an understated poetry to Bobbie and Bob Cat's plight . . . I think it helps that [the] authors are real-life best friends. Their reverence for friendship comes through in the text. Jean Cassels' watercolor (gouache) illustrations are phenomenal. Every page is a work of art . . . Unless you have a heart of stone, this book will bring tears to your eyes. Don't miss your chance to pick up a copy. It's a very special book."
~Jen Robinson's Book Page

​"This one is definitely recommended."
~Becky's Book Reviews (Non-Fiction Monday)

"What a great story, and what a very nice children's book... I can't wait to put it in the hands of kids, teachers, animal lovers and just about everyone else. We can't forget about the fate of the Katrina survivors (and those who didn't survive) as people continue to deal with the storm and its aftereffects."
~Karen Maeda Allman, The Elliott Bay Book Company

"Out of the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, a few heartening stories emerged. If not for Kirby Larson and Mary Nethery we would not have learned of the two Bobbies and their loyalty, perseverance and ultimate happy fate. More than the tale of an unlikely dog and cat friendship, Two Bobbies: A True Story of Hurricane Katrina, Friendship and Survival is a children's book sure to be treasured by grown-up readers too, smitten by the redemptive story of the orphaned creatures and the humans who cared enough to come to their aid."
~Cheryl McKeon, Third Place Books

"I just read The Two Bobbies (Thank you, Bloomsbury!) and wanted to send you a quick note filled with kudos (and happy tears). May your book inspire kids and adults alike to support reconstruction efforts and adopt critters, to think globally and act locally!"~Little Willow"This story touched my heart profoundly."
~Words and Pages

"This is a great story for young children . . . It's a story my grandkids will say "Again," as in read again. We will many times."
~Janice Lloyd, USA Today.com