"This story takes place in Venice, Italy, in the 1890s, and is based on an actual cat who became a famous resident of a coffee shop there. Little does Nonna Framboni know that when she decides to feed a stray white cat that Nini will bring fortune and fame to her and her humble caffe. It all begins when the famous composer Giuseppe Verdi sits down for a cup of coffee and is inspired by Nini's meowing. Soon people are dropping in for coffee and a look at the remarkable cat, whose behavior is interpreted to settle arguments and even to bless the Pope himself. At the end of the book the author tells us that most of the famous people in the book really did visit Nini. Amazing! Best of all, there's a photo of the actual coffee shop, which is still in existence today. Great story. A must-read for cat lovers!"
~Alfred Goldstein, JacketFlap Review

​" ...loved the illustrations and how the historical figures and their connections to Nini were detailed at the end a beautiful picture book to share with children and a tribute to the soothing touch of animals — and how they often do more for us than we could ever do for them." 
~Anna Horner, Diary of an Eccentric

"The story of this famous cat captivated me! Nethery leads us through a delightful and serendipitous tale, where an accidental meow at just the right moment sets off a unique chain of events. This is a book to be read and savored. Readers will wish they could sign Nini's guest book too!"
~Elizabeth Varadan's Fourth Wish

"... beautifully bright illustrations... are a companion to a story that contains a simple yet powerful message. Small acts of kindness can make a large difference in someone's life, and Nini the cat teaches students that you don't have to be big to make a big contribution."
~Jeff Barger, NC Teacher Stuff

"What a lovely story this is about the healing power of animals and the joy they bring to humans. Author Mary Nethery is really a master at this genre..."
~Margo Tanenbaum, The Fourth Musketeer

"It's a charming book... Long live Nini!"
​~Churches in Venice